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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

This is What the Gun Control Groups Consider "Reasonable Regulation"

"England can do it, Australia can do it, We Can TOO!" is what they were chanting at the (somewhat less than a) Million Moms March a couple of years ago. Courtesy of comes this heartwarming story of what can happen to you in a totally gun-phobic society when you take possession of a gun that belongs to a relative - just to FIX it!
Family allowed to keep heirloom gun
Allowed! How nice that the State allowed this family to keep their own property! But wait! It gets better!
A Mooroopna man was convicted and fined with possession of an unregistered firearm in Shepparton Magistrates' Court yesterday after taking possession of the family heirloom to remove a jammed bullet.

Jay Hunter, 23 a slaughterman of PicolaKatunga Rd, Picola, was given the Remington .22 pump-action rifle by his grandmother on June 6.

The court heard how the day after the gun was given to Mr Hunter to remove a jammed bullet, police attended his home to investigate reports of a domestic dispute between he and his partner that day.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Les Oroszvary said Mr Hunter offered police the use of his phone to ring the victim's parents and confirm the victim's welfare.
Objection! Mr. Hunter has not been convicted of anything (except in the media), so his "partner" was not a "victim." His "partner" was the other person in reported domestic dispute. This could have been anything from a shouting match to a knock-down-drag-out fight, but you'll note that Mr. Hunter was not charged with domestic abuse, if you read further. Hell, HE could have been the "victim."

But Mr. Hunter had an unregistered firearm! He's obviously an eeeeevil wife- partner-beater.
"While there the police saw the Remington .22 pump-action rifle and subsequently arrested the defendant," Sen Const Oroszvary said.
He should have never let them in the house. But do police in Australia require a search warrant?

Apparently they don't in the U.S. anymore.
Magistrate Steve Raleigh ordered the gun be destroyed; however, Mr Hunter's grandmother, who was in court during the hearing, pleaded that the heirloom be preserved.

The court heard how the firearm belonged to the defendant's deceased grandfather and had sentimental and monetary value.

Magistrate Raleigh allowed for the gun to be kept by the family under conditions that it be registered and in the possession of a licensed gunman.

Mr Hunter was convicted and fined $500 on the firearms charges.
And another dangerous, violent felon was prevented from committing a heinous crime, right?

Who cares, the State is $500 richer, another dangerous firearm is registered, and another citizen has a criminal record! A trifecta!

I swear upon everything I hold dear I will NEVER obey a law requiring me to register my firearms or get a license to own them.

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