Liberty is an inherently offensive lifestyle. Living in a free society guarantees that each one of us will see our most cherished principles and beliefs questioned and in some cases mocked. That psychic discomfort is the price we pay for basic civic peace. It's worth it. It's a pragmatic principle. Defend everyone else's rights, because if you don't there is no one to defend yours. -- MaxedOutMama

I don't just want gun rights... I want individual liberty, a culture of self-reliance....I want the whole bloody thing. -- Kim du Toit

The most glaring example of the cognitive dissonance on the left is the concept that human beings are inherently good, yet at the same time cannot be trusted with any kind of weapon, unless the magic fairy dust of government authority gets sprinkled upon them.-- Moshe Ben-David

The cult of the left believes that it is engaged in a great apocalyptic battle with corporations and industrialists for the ownership of the unthinking masses. Its acolytes see themselves as the individuals who have been "liberated" to think for themselves. They make choices. You however are just a member of the unthinking masses. You are not really a person, but only respond to the agendas of your corporate overlords. If you eat too much, it's because corporations make you eat. If you kill, it's because corporations encourage you to buy guns. You are not an individual. You are a social problem. -- Sultan Knish

All politics in this country now is just dress rehearsal for civil war. -- Billy Beck

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Quote of the Day - Anonymous Edition

 "The Constitution is not a suicide pact," wrote associate Justice Robert Jackson in 1949.

This response is QotD:

"No Justice Jackson, it is a restraining order against government. And government, like any abusive person, does not respect or obey restraining orders."

Friday, September 25, 2020

Read This

 Professor Angelo Codevilla is generally worth your time, and this essay is no exception:  Revolution 2020.  Excerpt:

Progressivism’s foundational proposition—that the American way of life suffers from excessive freedom and insufficient latitude for experts to lead each into doing what is best for all—is the intellectual basis of the oligarchy’s ever-increasing size, wealth, and power. The theme that the USA was ill-conceived in 1776-89 and must be re-conceived has resounded from Woodrow Wilson’s Congressional Government (1885) to the campaigns of Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Barack Obama, and Joseph Biden: “listen to the scientists!” The criticism’s main point has been constant: America’s original conception validated the people’s right to live as they please, and made it hard to marshal them for Progressive purposes.

But the Progressive critique adds a moral basis: the American people’s indulgence of their preferences—private ease and comfort, focus on families, religious observance, patriotism—has made for every secular sin imaginable: racism, sexism, greed, etc. Because most Americans are racist, sexist, un-appreciative of real virtue or refinement (these are somehow rolled together), because these Americans resist knuckling under to their betters, America is a sick society that needs to be punished and to have its noxious freedoms reformed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Two Years Ago on This Day...

 ...late in the evening, I was rolled into surgery at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona where a stranger's liver was transplanted into my (dying) body.

I did not expect to wake up after surgery.  If I had not had the surgery, I doubt I'd have woken up on the 24th. 

Living in the future is amazing.

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Well They Obviously Just Plan to Cheat Until They "Win"

See my previous post "Endgame."

I was wrong. They just plan on stealing it and depending on the Right not to react violently. Or maybe they do. Marx did tell them that violent revolution was needed to free the proletariat: