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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Choices, Choices . . .

Choices, Choices . . .

OK, now that the Mustang is sold and I have some cash in hand, I can get a pretty serious piece of ordnance.

For me, that means a 7.62x51 gas gun.

As I mentioned previously, I was giving serious consideration to a Fulton Armory Peerless M14, but delivery on those is running 12-18 months. Through my previously mentioned awesome readers, I found out about Ted Brown Rifles and LRB Arms forged M14 receivers.

I contacted Ted and told him what I wanted. He replied that it would run about $3,800 and six months.

Hmm . . .


So I thought about something not quite so. . . precise. A DSA SA58 seems like a good idea. But what model, and what options?

Start with the Bull Barrel model, add a muzzle brake (yes, even though I hate muzzle brakes, it's semi-auto and I want fast follow-up capability), go for the Extreme Duty scope mount, Match trigger option, pan & tilt bipod, replace the buttstock with the Precision version, get ten extra Steyr 20-round magazines, and have everything finished in Desert MirageFlage DuraCoat:

$3,300 and about five months.

Both options still need optics. The M14 would get a NightForce 5.5-20X50. The SA58 would get an ACOG 6X TA648-308.

The M14 should be capable of hitting clay pigeons reliably at 500 meters. The SA58 should be capable of reliably keeping a magazine on a silhouette at 600 meters. The M14 cost more, and doesn't include 10 magazines. (M1A/M14 magazines are about $35-40 each.)

I can't afford (nor do I want) both.

Any comments or suggestions (well, most comments or suggestions, anyway) would be appreciated.

UPDATE: I just ordered 11 20-round magazines from, and I have an email in to Ted Brown.

Thanks, y'all. An M14 it is.

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