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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Range Report: the Para Gun Blog .45

Range Report: the Para Gun Blog .45

I went to today's Tucson Action Shooter's Club steel match, and got to shoot the Gun Blog .45 for real. I put a couple of magazines through it in Reno, but it was freaking COLD and I was having fun shooting other people's guns, so I didn't give it a workout.

I did today.

My last TASC outing left me in last place shooting my Kimber Classic Stainless, but that was because only the fast shooters showed up for that one. I guess I missed the memo. Today everybody showed up, so I was firmly in the (lower) middle of the pack again.

The only bobble I had was on the very first target of the match for me. I'm so used to the trigger pull of the Kimber that when the buzzer sounded, I drew, aimed, squeezed the trigger. . . and nothing happened.

Because I'd drawn the hammer back to full-cock, but not through to sear release, while thinking "why didn't it go 'BANG!'?"

Oops! (Or more appropriately: D'OH!)

Oh, yeah. Weapon familiarization!

There was no more of that for the rest of the match. The gun ran flawlessly. The fiber optic front sight is VERY easy to acquire, the gun fed and functioned perfectly using CCI Blazer aluminum case hardball ammo, there were zero magazine issues (even after they were dropped repeatedly in the dirt) and the Blackhawk SERPA holster worked as advertised. (And I didn't give myself a wedgie even once.)

The pistol is great! I just need a lot of practice.

If you check the scores, you'll see I came in eighth out of twelve on the individual stages, but dead last (by a far-away and distant margin) in the team stages.

Not my fault I swear!

On both stages there was a 4" wide by 24" tall plate set at about 25 yards that my teammate simply could not hit.

As in, it took him three magazines before he finally managed to put a round on target. He ran dry on the last stage, so I ended up handing him a spare magazine so he could finish.

Oh well. There's always next month. And I'll be using the Para again. I can't wait for next year's night matches, where I'll be able to use the Crimson Trace Laser Grips!

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