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Friday, December 05, 2003

Another Story You Won't Be Reading in the English Papers

(Via Acidman) The Atlanta Urinal Constipation Journal Constitution reports - very briefly - on a defensive gun use:
Would-be robber slain by intended victim

A suspected armed robber was shot and killed by his intended victim in Clayton County, police said Wednesday.

The incident occurred shortly after midnight at Independence Park on Thomas Road near Jonesboro.

A man was walking with his 11-year-old daughter when the suspect "approached them and attempted to rob them," said Clayton County police Lt. Joseph Woodall.
Gotta wonder what the father and daughter were doing in the park at 11:00 PM, but this is America - they're allowed. Being in a park at night does not give someone the right to rob you.
"The victim pulled his own firearm and fired some rounds at the suspect," Woodall said.

"The suspect fled about 30 yards and fell over."

The suspect, who was in his late teens or 20s, died at the scene. "He still had in his hand a stolen Glock pistol," Woodall said.
Hmm..."late teens or 20s." That means that to the Brady Bunch, the victim goblin was a "child?" A stolen Glock. Gee, if no one had guns, they couldn't be stolen, right? Well, not exactly. According to this story (registration may be required):
Federal agents in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, were looking for guns stolen from an agent's car.

The missing high powered weapons are an automatic rifle and a Remington shotgun with a ballistic vest.

The FBI weren't sure if it was a random break-in or if the thieves knew the weapons were there.

The FBI is offering a reward for any information leading to an arrest.
And when they say "automatic rifle," they mean "machine gun." This means we've got a guy with a machine gun and body armor out running around. Marvelous. Remember also, the federal government reported "losing" several hundred guns just last year. And there's this charming story of how a police officer managed to leave an AR-15 laying by the side of the road. Anyway:
A stolen vehicle that police believe was the suspect's getaway car was also found in the park.
Stolen Glock, stolen car, attempted armed robbery, in his 20's.

How long was his record, and why wasn't his ass in jail?
Police say the father acted in self-defense and will not face charges in connection with the shooting. The names of the two men have not been released.
Nice of them not to arrest and jail the man like the cops in Florida did to Mr. Spaulding.

I wonder if he got to keep his pistol?

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