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Saturday, August 21, 2004

I Should Have Commented on this a LOT Earlier

Blame it on burnout.

Remember the six people beaten and stabbed to death in Florida by the four home-invading vermin? The assailants used baseball bats they brought, and kitchen knives they found in the home to kill Erin Belanger, 22 (who received "a beating so vicious that even dental records were useless in trying to identify her"); Michelle Nathan, 19; Anthony Vega, 34; Roberto "Tito" Gonzalez, 28; Francisco Ayo Roman, 30; and Jonathan Gleason, 18. None were armed. The killers were three 18 year-old thugs lead by a career violent criminal out on parole - and in violation of his parole.

Note that not one of these six slayings involved a firearm.

But remember the words of wisdom from Austrailian professor Tim Lambert over the efficacy of laws banning firearms:
1. Using a weapon is not the only way to defend yourself.
2. If the law disarms attackers, then it can make self defence possible where it would have been impossible if the attacker was armed.
Big fucking "IF" there, Tim. If the attackers are armed with baseball bats and carving knives? How does the law prevent that?

One loaded pump shotgun or .38 revolver in that house and someone willing to use it COULD have saved some or all of those victims. Not would - COULD. But without a firearm they had no chance at all, because violent predators don't give a damn about the law, but honest citizens do.

And I cannot fathom why people cannot understand that simple fact.

I have archived a quote from former Senator Malcolm Wallop of Wyoming that is appropriate to this topic:
The ruling class doesn't care about public safety. Having made it very difficult for States and localities to police themselves, having left ordinary citizens with no choice but to protect themselves as best they can, they now try to take our guns away. In fact they blame us and our guns for crime. This is so wrong that it cannot be an honest mistake.
No, it can't.

Troy Victorino, 27 - the instigator of this slaughter - is hardly an atypical example of a murderer. He has a long criminal record with an ever-increasing level of violence. What is atypical is his recruitment of three willing teenage accomplices, but Victorino himself is your typical garden-variety murderer otherwise.

Instead of trying to do something about the real problem - repeat, violent offenders - the "ruling class" instead pursues a strategy of disarming the law abiding public.

Fit me for a tinfoil hat, but I have to wonder why that is? Because to me, too, it's so wrong that it cannot be an honest mistake.

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