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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Evidence that the UK's Policing Problems are Due to Philosophical Leftism?

I think so. Check this March 22 Daily Mail story:
Police force has 'no time for small crime'

A police force has stopped investigating less serious crimes unless they are racist or homophobic.

Theft, criminal damage, common assault, harassment and non-domestic burglary are among offences being "screened out" due to manpower shortages.

But officers are allowed to make an exception for any such incident judged to be motivated by race or gay hatred. It would then classify as "aggravated" and qualify for more serious treatment by police and the courts.
Thus making racial minorities and homosexuals a special, protected class.
Exceptions would also be allowed if a victim had been repeatedly targeted or was elderly or disabled.
"Allowed," but not required.
The policy, introduced in Hull, provoked a storm last night. Shadow Home Secretary David Davis called it 'terrifying'.

Police chiefs on Humberside insisted their officers no longer had time to solve minor crimes.

The screening policy was necessary because the Home Office had set tough targets for cutting a backlog of 3,500 unsolved serious offences in the city.

Lesser crimes would be recorded but not pursued, even where there was overwhelming evidence, such as CCTV footage.

The only chance of a prosecution is if an offender 'presents themselves' for easy arrest - for example a shoplifter being handed over to police by store detectives - or if a repeat offender is later arrested for another more serious crime.
They're completely fucking insane over there.

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