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Thursday, May 08, 2008

well hell I'm a felon

Well, Hell, I'm a Felon

There's been a lot of talk around the gunblogosphere about this case, but this is the first legacy media coverage of it I'm aware of:

David Olofson is a member of, and has been posting regularly on his case.

Under the conditions that gained him his conviction, I'm a felon, too. My AR15 is equipped with a Jewell trigger. When I first received it, the trigger was adjusted too light and it doubled on me twice in initial testing. I would imagine it would be a simple thing for any ATF "technician" to misadjust any Jewell-equipped AR to do the same.

According to the BATFE, that makes it a machine gun, if this case stands.

Here's the quote that grates on my nerves:
Critics say the problems stem from a lack of uniform testing protocol at ATF.
My aching ass. They were told it was a machine gun, it was damned well going to be a machine gun. The BATFE doesn't make mistakes! Remember, this is the organization that told its agents to perjure themselves on the witness stand by declaring that their NFA records were 100% accurate.

Mr. Olofson is scheduled to be sentenced next Tuesday. What he ought to get is an overturned decision, full restoration of his rights and property, and a big damned settlement check from the pocket of the local head of the BATFE.

Every time I hear about something like this, I think to myself that just perhaps John Ross's Unintended Consequences isn't so far-fetched after all.

And remember: This is the same group that is now after CavArms. David Codrea has been keeping tabs on that travesty.

Edited to add:

How do you like this? (TIFF file, download and blow up to read)

Here's what it says: "Third notice. Final Claim Date May 25, 2008" At the top of the page (it's cut off) it says that if the material is not claimed it is forfeit "and will be disposed of according to law."

Here's a partial screenshot of what was seized from CavArms that the government - without charging anyone with anything as of yet - is ready to "dispose of according to law":

"Always Think Forfeiture" anyone?

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