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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Meanwhile, Back Where Great Britain Used to Be

...comes this heartwarming story of stupid criminals:
How wrong fuel sunk £1 billion drug deal

The operation to land £1 billion of cocaine was going like clockwork: the catamaran had glided into position in the sea off west Cork and the cargo was being ferried ashore to a remote location, ready for distribution across Britain.

Months of planning suddenly went awry, however, because of the simplest of blunders — somebody put diesel in a petrol engine. The mistake caused an inflatable boat to capsize, tipping dozens of bales of cocaine into the choppy waters and casting one of the drug dealers into the sea.

When the emergency services were alerted, police found 61 suspicious packages floating around the upturned boat in Dunlough Bay, west Cork.

Yesterday four men were convicted for attempting to smuggle what became the largest seizure of cocaine in Britain and Ireland, on board the ironically named Lucky Day.
Pretty humorous, no? Until I got to this part:
Joe Daly, 41, from southeast London, Martin Wanden, 45, of no fixed address, and Perry Wharrie, 48, from Essex, who were carrying out the orders for a criminal syndicate based in Britain and Spain, were jailed for their role in transporting and storing 1 tonne of high-grade cocaine.

Wanden and Wharrie were each sentenced to 30 years and Daly to 25. A fourth man, Gerard Hagan, 24, from Liverpool, who pleaded guilty, will be sentenced later.

Wharrie was jailed for life in 1989 for the murder of an off-duty police officer and released in 2005 on licence.
The sonofabitch murdered a cop, got LIFE IN PRISON for it, and SERVED FIFTEEN YEARS?!?!


(h/t to Theo Spark)

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