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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Long-Range Pistol

At last year's Gunblogger's Rendezvous, David of Random Nuclear Strikes attended and brought with him his Boomershoot pistol - a Thompson/Center Encore chambered in .308 Winchester. He also brought with him as handouts a reprint of an American Handgunner article from 1995 about Don Bower and his long-range pistols. Entitled "Ultimate Handgun Accuracy: 1½" Groups at ¼ Mile," it certainly piqued my interest! (The piece is available at the link.)

I shot David's pistol at the Palomino Valley Gun Club, whacking the 400 yard gong with ease.

Had to have one.

So to "celebrate" Obama's victory, one of the things I bought in November was a T/C Encore frame. Then I ordered a custom Bullberry .260 Remington barrel. Finally I bought a Burris 3-12X pistol scope, Burris Signature Zee rings, a set of offset inserts for the rings, a Pachmayr grip, a Harris bipod, 200 pieces of Remington .260 brass, and some ammo boxes. (Bullets, powder and primers I've already got.) The last of the parts arrived this week.

I haven't got everything adjusted yet, nor all the screws tightened down, but here's what she looks like:

You can't see it, but the action is open on that last photo. Yes, I know the scope is canted. I still have to get everything adjusted just right, but I wanted to post photos, dammit! Oh, that spirit level is the 1" unit that Ninth Stage sent me, along with the 30mm unit for my Remington 700 5R.

I also wanted to say something nice about a vendor. I buy a lot of stuff from MidwayUSA, and their prices and performance have been uniformly good. But we gunnies are cheap frugal bastards, and price is important to us. When I went looking for rings for the Remington 700 5R, Midway was out of stock, Brownell's didn't carry what I wanted, and they were nowhere to be found locally. A little Google searching brought me to Optics Planet. They had what I wanted, in stock, and at a good price - even better when there was no freight charge.

When I went shopping for that Burris 3-12X pistol scope, as always the first place I went looking was They usually have the lowest prices, and I've never had a problem with anything I've gotten from them. However, at the time I was looking, Midway was having a sale on the very Burris scope I was looking for, and it was less than SWFA. Unfortunately, neither of them had the Burris Signature Zee rings I wanted, so off to Optics Planet I went and while I was there I checked on the scope as well.

They had it, and it was less than Midway's sale price. Plus free shipping. They also had the rings and the offset inserts for them. (I've got +20MOA of offset in the back ring.)

I ordered 200 pieces of brass, four 50-round ammo boxes, and the Pachmayr grip from Midway the same night I placed the order for the Burris scope and rings. I got the scope and rings first.

I'm not denigrating Brownells, Midway or SWFA at all, they're all great vendors. But if you're looking for some glass or some rings, check out Optics Planet. You might be glad you did.

Anyway, when I go to Boomershoot this year, I'm taking both the 700 5R and this pistol. Hopefully I can get some ammo loaded tonight and make a trip to the range dark and early tomorrow morning!

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