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Saturday, August 01, 2009

CMP Update

I've purchased a CMP Garand, a CMP M1 Carbine, and three or four cans of .30-06 on en-bloc clips from the CMP, so I'm on their mailing list. Things may be finally slowing down in the commercial manufacturing sector, but the CMP is still overwhelmed:

ORDER BACKLOG. For the past nine months, the number of orders received by CMP for rifles, ammunition, and all other products has been unprecedented.
As of today, 31 July 2009, our Sales Order Processing Dept is up to processing / shipping orders received at the end of Apr 2009, with several thousand orders still to go for May - July. The number of incoming orders has decreased enough so that customers should expect an acknowledgment of our receiving orders about 30 days after mailing the order. However, customers should not expect delivery for 90 - 120 days from date order was placed. We ask our customers to bear with us. We will eventually recover from this surge. The CMP staff thanks you for your support and patience.

COMMUNICATION RESPONSE DELAYS. CMP is still receiving hundreds of calls a day, as well as hundreds of emails. Each morning there are dozens of voicemails from the night before. Because of the large volume of constant calls in the daytime, it may take a few days for response. We have a state of the art phone system for a company our size, but the volume of calls is causing the system to do unexpected things. We apologize for any delay in responding to emails or telephone calls.


S&H INCREASE FOR 407-CAN. S&H for orders for 407-CAN received on or after 1 Sep 2009 will increase to $9.95 per can. Other S&H charges will remain as they are until further notice.

OVERPAYMENTS TO CMP. Effective immediately, we will consider customer overpayments of $9.99 or less as donations and will show that on the customer invoice / bill of sale. Any overpayment of $10 or more will be immediately refunded to the customer. The $10 figure was chosen because that is our estimate of how much it costs the CMP to process a refund check. This change will be added to our instructions and order forms at time of next printing.

BAVARIAN CARBINES. The Bavarian marked M1 carbines have all been inspected and graded. However, because of the current 90 day backlog of orders, we will not begin accepting orders for these carbines until 1 Oct, 2009.Prices will be posted on the website at the beginning of September.

CARBINE AMMO 438A. CMP continues to receive monthly shipments of carbine ammo, and are slowly reducing the number of backorders. As of 31 July, we have over 3,000 orders for carbine ammo on backorder. Anyone ordering carbine ammo now should expect a minimum of 120 days for delivery, and possibly much longer.

Thank you for your support of the CMP in these historic times.

Orest Michaels
Chief Operating Officer
"Historic times" indeed! 90-120 days for a firearm, over 120 days for .30 Carbine ammo. Wow.

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