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Thursday, November 19, 2009

You Can't Do That! You're Not Qualified!

Armed Suspect Shot By Upper Darby Delivery Decoy

Upper Darby, PA - An armed suspected was shot in Delaware County after attempting to rob an undercover detective posing as a pizza deliveryman Wednesday night.

Verona Pizza on W. Chester Pike in Upper Darby contacted police after receiving a suspicious delivery order at about 11 p.m.

Delivery drivers at the business have been held up at least three times in recent weeks.

An undercover detective stood in as a decoy, making the delivery near Delaware and South Harwood Avenues. Once at the address, a masked suspect armed with a gun jumped out from the bushes and rushed towards the officer.

Despite a warning, the suspect continued to rush forwards, forcing the detective to fire once shot which struck the suspect in the torso.

The wounded suspect was taken to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in serious, but stable condition. The detective was not injured in the incident.

Following the shooting, police began pursuit of an apparent getaway vehicle. One female suspect was apprehended as she attempted to flee the vehicle. A second male suspect is still on the loose.

The incident remains under investigation.
So in Upper Darby they have a cop dress up as a pizza delivery driver, but in other places the drivers manage to defend themselves.

In Greenville, NC.

In Lexington, SC.

In Des Moines, Iowa. (Interesting follow-up here.)

In Augusta, GA.

In Charlotte, NC.

In Lufkin, TX.

In Irmo, SC.

Damn, gun-toting pizza delivery guys seem to be the rule in the Carolinas!

That's just a short list I found while using the Violence Policy Center's greatest research tool, Google. Of those seven incidents (Plus the Upper Darby one), only two would be considered "defensive gun uses" by Arthur Kellermann because in only two of those incidents did the assailant die. Apparently frightening off or wounding doesn't qualify as a "defensive gun use" to most anti-gunners, someone's got to die.

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