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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

But England Doesn't HAVE Gun Shows!

Where do their criminals get hand grenades?
Caught on camera: Moment grenade is hurled at a house shortly after man was gunned down in similar gangland hit

A video showing the horrific moment two men launch a grenade at a house shortly after a similar attack killed a grieving father has been released by police.

It shows two men approach the house in the middle of the morning before they pull the pin out of the grenade and throw it at the property.

The pair then run off but the effects of the blast can clearly be seen on the video as smoke and dust billows around the front of the building.

The grenade attack seen in the video took place outside a house on Luke Road in Droylsden, Manchester.
(AKA: "Gunchester" - Ed.) No body was injured during this incident.

However, ten minutes earlier, the body of 46-year-old David Short was found at a house on Folkestone Road East in Clayton after police were called there following reports of gunshots.

There had also been an explosion at the address, which was caused by a grenade. It took place after his son Mark, 23, was shot dead as a gunman opened fire in a pub in the city in May. His father had previously branded his son's murderers 'cowards'.
Ah yes, gun-free Britain, that Utopia that the Brady Campaign fights so hard to bring to our shores.

h/t to Phil B., who has left the shores of Britain and settled in New Zealand where they're at least a little saner. And Phil reminds us that hand grenades are illegal for private citizens to possess in the UK. I guess no one told those nice boys who were playing with them.

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