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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Burying Them Won't Save Them

Huge arsenal of guns and ammo found - hidden behind false wall day after Dunblane massacre

A builder renovating a house has discovered a huge arsenal of guns and ammunition that were hidden behind a false wall the day after the Dunblane massacre.

More than 30 shotguns and pistols, along with hundreds of rounds of ammunition, were discovered in a semi-detached house in the quiet village of Dinas Powys in south Wales.

The guns were wrapped in newspaper dated March 14 1996, the day after the Dunblane primary school massacre in which sixteen children and a teacher lost their lives.

Simon Berni, the builder who discovered the haul, said: “It was an incredible arsenal - full, absolutely choc-a-bloc with eight shelves of fire arms and ammunition”.


Mr Berni said: “I was shocked because there weren't any bricks in the wall but a lot of shotgun barrels and hand guns…They obviously belonged to somebody who knew what they were doing as they were all greased and beautifully wrapped up in newspaper.”

Police are investigating the gun stash, but believe it’s likely the property’s previous owner simply hadn’t registered them and hid the weapons to avoid losing them in a government crackdown on guns in the wake of Dunblane.
So someone hadn't registered his guns, still managed to acquire a lot of ammo, and could see the writing on the wall after Dunblane - but instead of turning them in during an amnesty he carefully preserved and stored them, never to use them again.

In other words, he lost them, anyway.

Some talk about stashing guns and ammo against a similar eventuality here.

For what? So somebody else can stumble across them a decade or two later?

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