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Saturday, January 25, 2014

GOF Update

As I posted at the beginning of the month, commenter Grumpy Old Fart lost his mother and his home early in December.  He left this comment this morning:
Okay, I have a paypal account. Sorry I took so long to reply, but internet access has been... problematic. However, with that said, I know basically nothing at all about paypal, so I don't know what good it does or how to tell you to link to it.

With luck, I'll still have consistent internet access for another day or two, so feel free to let me know what I should be doing with all this. Life has been... interesting lately, in an ancient Chinese curse kind of way.

I think he may be badly needing some other stuff, too.

The stuff I need most is stuff nobody can help me with. The Red Cross has been very good with the basics, clothes, toiletries and such, to the point where for a while I had more stuff than I had places to put it. The glaring issue right now is that I no longer have a picture ID, a SS card, or even a birth certificate. At this point my biggest problem is convincing anyone that I exist at all.

Kevin, you should have my email address in your contacts, so feel free to get in touch with me. You can understand why I'm unwilling to post it on a public forum. I tend to trust the people who post here, but that's probably not the entire list of people who could conceivably see this either.

Ship-to address is something I'm a lot more comfortable with however:

1350 Rikisha Ln.
Beaumont, TX 77706

Thanks, folks. Just knowing you care makes more difference than you probably realize. Since that's something you don't really get a feel for until you're in a position like this, I hope none of you ever do realize it either.
For your PayPal account, all we need is the email address you use for it, I believe.

UPDATE:  First things first, I just traded emails with GOF.  He needs a computer:
I have some contract work writing for a publishing company in the UK, but since my computer burned I'm having to start all that from scratch as well. More to the point, until I get another computer, I can't even make a start at redoing all the work I lost.

So... what do I need that you can provide? The only thing I can think of is funds toward another computer. That should probably go into paypal, since the donation account is pretty much meant for bill money.
Anybody got something they can spare?  Can we get together and buy him something?

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