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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

"Some People Did Something"

0847 Hours
BATTALION 1: Battalion 1 to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Battalion 1.
BATTALION 1: We just had a - a plane crashed into an upper floor of the World Trade Center. Transmit a second alarm and start relocating companies into the area.
DISPATCHER: Ten-four battalion 1.
BATTALION 1: Battalion 1 is also sending the whole assignment on this box to that area, K.
ENGINE 6: Engine 6 to Manhattan, K.
ENGINE 6: The World Trade Center - tower number one is on fire. The whole outside of the building. There was just a huge explosion.
DISPATCHER: Ten-four. All companies stand by at this time.
UNKNOWN UNIT: Transmit a second alarm on that box immediately.
ENGINE 10: Engine 1-0 to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Engine 1-0.
ENGINE 10: Engine 1-0 World Trade Center 10-60. Send every available ambulance, everything you've got to the World Trade Center now.
DISPATCHER: 10-4, 10-60 has been transmitted for the World Trade Center, 10-60 for the World Trade Center.
LADDER 3: Three truck to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Three truck.
LADDER 3: Civilian reports from up here, a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center for your information.
LADDER 3: Three truck's available.

8:48 Hours
BATTALION 1:Battalion 1 to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Battalion 1, K.
BATTALION 1: We have a number of floors on fire. It looked like the plane was aiming towards the building. Transmit a third alarm. We'll have the staging area at Vesey and West Street. Have the third alarm assignment go into that area, the second alarm report to the building, K.
DISPATCHER: 10-4. Second alarm assignment report to the World Trade Center, second alarm assignment report to 1 World Trade Center.
ENGINE 10: Engine 1-0 to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Engine 1-0 K.
ENGINE 10: It appears an airplane crashed into the World Trade Center.
DISPATCHER: 10-4. Third alarm's been transmitted box 8087, third alarm transmitted box 8087 for 1 World Trade Center.
SQUAD 18: Squad 1-8 to Manhattan, K.
DISPATCHER: Squad 1-8 K.
SQUAD 18: ...If the first battalion transmitted that it looked like it was intentional, inform all units going into the box it could be a terror attack.
DISPATCHER: ...10-4 all units be advised. . .
LADDER 10: Truck ten to Manhattan.
LADDER 10: Truck ten to Manhattan, just so you know this is confirmed. This is confirmed.
DISPATCHER: This is confirmed. 10-4 K.
ENGINE 10: Engine 1-0 to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Engine 1-0, go.
ENGINE 10: Roll every available ambulance you've got to this position.
This section (0851 hours) was in the NYT transcript, but there was no audio to match with it. A member working that day recalled hearing these transmissions soon after leaving their quarters. Their ticket is time stamped 0851 hours so this would be about here in the transcript.
Approx. 0851 Hours
CAR 40 CHARLIE: 40 Charlie to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: 40 Charlie go.
CAR 40 CHARLIE: 40 Charlie is responding. Be advised you've got all boats available for transport through the river... Rescue...
CAR 4-DAVID: Four David to Manhattan.
CAR 4-DAVID: How many rescues we got here?
MARINE 1: Marine 1 to Manhattan with an urgent message, K.
DISPATCHER: At this time you have the rescues K.
CAR 4-DAVID: Okay, I want all but one of them here.
MARINE 1: Marine 1 to Manhattan with an urgent message, K.
DISPATCHER: Unit with an urgent message, K.
MARINE 1: This is marine 1. We're in the river. You've got fire out of the north side and now coming out of the west side of the World Trade Center, the west side.
DISPATCHER: All right, fire from the north side and the west side of the World Trade Center.
MARINE 1: That's affirmative. Fire has penetrated the skin.
MARINE 6: Marine 6 to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: All right box 8087 report of smoke 83rd floor, 103 floor, 104 floor. Also received reports of people trapped on floor number 106 K.
0856 Hours
DISPATCHER: Manhattan calling division 1, K.
DIVISION 1:Division 1 to Manhattan, go ahead.
DISPATCHER: Division 1, receiving reports floor one-zero-six, numerous people trapped floor number one-zero-six.
DIVISION 1: 10-4. We have units on the way up now. We're reporting fire on the 78th floor, that's unconfirmed at the time. We're going to need the PD for security of the entire World Trade Center. We have jumpers coming from the World Trade Center right now from the upper floors.
0858 Hours
BATTALION 2: Battalion 2 Manhattan K.
DISPATCHER: Battalion 2, go.
BATTALION 2: Be advised we have jumpers K, jumpers.
DISPATCHER: All right, division 1 be advised, battalion 2 advised we have jumpers from the World Trade Center, K.
DIVISION 1: Division 1 to Manhattan.
MARINE 1: Marine 1 to Manhattan K.
DISPATCHER: Division 1 go with your message, K.
DIVISION 1: Those jumpers, did they already jump?
DISPATCHER: Battalion 2, have those jumpers jumped, K.?
BATTALION 2: 10-4 Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Battalion 2, do you have jumpers down, K.?
BATTALION 2: Battalion 2, 10-4 Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Division 1, battalion 2 is advising jumpers down, K.
MARINE 6: 6 to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Marine 6, K.
MARINE 6: We're 10-8 your frequency underway. You also have fire out of the east side of the building.
DISPATCHER: 10-4 Marine 6.
CAR 4-DAVID: Car 4-David to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Car 4-David.
CAR 4-DAVID: Car 4-David 10-84 at the World Trade Center.
DISPATCHER: Car 4 David repeat, K.
CAR 4-DAVID: 10-84.
DISPATCHER: 10-04. Car 4-David, we're getting reports from the hundred and fourth floor back room 25 to 30 people trapped. I also have the hundred and third floor, northwest room 1-0-3 with people trapped also. I have the eighty third floor with people trapped as well, car 4 David receive?
CAR 4-DAVID: Car 4 David 10-4.
DISPATCHER: All right, 10-04. Time is 0901 four sixty one.
MARINE 6: Marine 6 to Manhattan urgent.
DISPATCHER: Hazmat 1 standby. Marine 6 go.
MARINE 6: Be advised. You have a second plane into the other tower of the Trade Center, major fire.
DISPATCHER: Car 4 David, Marine 6 advising a second plane into the World Trade Center, K.
MARINE 6: Marine 6, that's the other tower.
DISPATCHER: That's the second tower at the World Trade center, K.
BROOKLYN CO: Brooklyn to Citywide.
UNKNOWN UNIT: . . . to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: All units stand by unless urgent. Manhattan calling Car 4 David, K. Manhattan calling Car 4 David.
CAR 4-DAVID: Car 4-David to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Be advised, report of a second plane that crashed into the second tower. Be advised on the 83rd floor, room 8311, we have people trapped, room 8311, 83rd floor. Car 4 David acknowledge.
CAR 4_DAVID: Car 4 David 10-4.
0958 Hours
MARINE 3: Marine 3 to Manhattan, urgent.
DISPATCHER: Go ahead, K.
MARINE 3: One of the buildings is partially collapsed and the whole entire area is (dead?)
DISPATCHER: Unit transmitting the urgent, identify.
MARINE 3: Marine 3, a major collapse in one of the towers.
DISPATCHER: Which tower, K?
UNKNOWN UNIT: Tower 2, tower 2.
MARINE 3: The south tower, major collapse.
0959 Hours
DISPATCHER: Manhattan to Field Comm., K. Manhattan to Field Comm.
MARINE 6: Marine 6 to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Standby. Manhattan to Field Comm. (tone alert) Manhattan to Field Comm.
MARINE 6: Marine 6 to Manhattan, urgent.
MARINE 6: Tower 2 has had a major explosion and what appears to be a complete collapse surrounding the entire area.
DISPATCHER: Marine 6 10-4, we were notified.
1000 Hours
DISPATCHER: Manhattan to Field Comm.
CIVILIAN: I'm a civilian. I'm trapped inside of one of your fire trucks underneath the collapse that just happened.
UNKNOWN UNIT: Standby. There's people close to you.
CIVILIAN: I can't breathe much longer. Save me! I'm in the cab of your truck.
DISPATCHER: Person transmitting a mayday. Where are you, K.
CIVILIAN: I just told you. It's north of the world trade center; there's the north pedestrian bridge. I think it collapsed when the partial building just collapsed. I was on the street. I don't have much air Please, help me!
RESCUE 2: Rescue 2 chauffeur, I copy that. I'm going to look for her.
DISPATCHER: Manhattan to Field Comm urgent K.
CIVILIAN: I can barely breath. Please send somebody.
DISPATCHER: Okay, the person calling for help. Listen to me. You need to calm down and relax. Standby, we do have somebody on the way. You're to maintain air. Get off the air. We do have somebody on the way over to you. You're to remain calm, 10-4?
CIVILIAN: 10-4. I'm in the cab of the truck.
DISPATCHER: 10-4. We do have people on the way over there. Manhattan to Field Comm urgent.
1028 Hours
ENGINE 33: Three-three to Manhattan urgent.
DISPATCHER: Three-three.
ENGINE 33: The other tower just collapsed! Major collapse! Major collapse!
DISPATCHER: That's a 10. . . 10-4 on your urgent.
MARINE 3: Marine 3 to Manhattan, K.
UNKNOWN UNIT: ... To Manhattan K.
ENGINE 289: Urgent, 2-8-9 to Manhattan urgent. The world trade center collapsed. Building two has collapsed K.
UNKNOWN UNIT: Urgent! Urgent!
DISPATCHER: Unit calling urgent, K.
UNKNOWN UNIT: ..body get out. We had a collapse of the second tower. Everybody's running from there this is a... Here it comes, get in!
DISPATCHER: 10-4. Attention all units. We're receiving reports that number 1 and number 2 World Trade Center collapsed. All units at the scene receiving reports number 1 and number 2 World Trade Center, both towers collapsed.
ENGINE 236: Engine 2-3-6 to Manhattan.
DISPATCHER: Manhattan responding.
ENGINE 236: Yeah, we're jammed down in the street over here. We can't even move the car. I'm leaving the chauffeur with the rig. I'm heading over that way.

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