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Friday, November 06, 2020


As I’ve said repeatedly, the Progressives had no intention of losing this go-around. The only reason Trump won in 2016 was that they were so confident in Hillary’s inevitability that they didn’t bother to cheat as hard as usual.

They weren’t going to make that mistake again. 
They don’t care how obvious or blatant the fraud is. The legacy media has their back. Time is on their side. All they need is plausible deniability. (Not even that plausible.). 
How do you prove fuckery? Prove it to the level of evidence required in a court of law?
The only chance we have for a (reasonably) peaceful resolution to this is the application of weaponized autism.

From a post by Larry Correia (I find I'm quoting Larry a lot these days) on FB:
Fascinating stuff on Twitter tonight. Apparently somebody gathered a giant list of dead people for Wisconsin and Michigan, and crowd sourced a hunt through the voting records to see how many dead people registered and voted. And then people began to plug them into the state websites. Many were registered but didn’t vote, but many others did vote in 2020. (Joe Biden is so popular that even being dead can’t stop the Joementum!) 
When people found dead voters they would post the names and birth dates (many of them 100 years ago) so that others could confirm them for themselves. Now I’m not saying these are all accurate and I have no idea how many there will be, but you can check those yourselves. It’s darkly hilarious. 
Yet while I watched this, Twitter kept deleting the accounts sharing the file list. They’d block somebody, and then ten minutes later someone else would share it and get blocked too. In the half an hour or so I scrolled through dead voters the people sharing the list kept vanishing. It was kind of amazing to watch real time. But one would get blocked and somebody else would take their place.
If the thing that saves America from turning into a cyberpunk dystopia run by ruthless tech oligarchs... is 4chan... I’m gonna laugh because I truly did not see that coming. 
Really interesting though, liberals jumping in and saying “oh yeah! So what it ten thousand dead people voted in Detroit, that’s not enough! Biden still wins!” Because obviously these particular dead people are the only fraud and everything else is squeaky clean. 
Sure, in every other aspect of life we recognize that humans regularly lie, cheat, and steal and we prepare accordingly. But if you suggest there is voter fraud liberals get all HOW DARE YOU INSULT THE SANCTITY OF OUR PURE ELECTIONS?!? and then the GOP is such chickenshits they agree with that and say sure, keep that box of ballots you found behind the TacoBell after the polls close that are just enough to beat us, because we’d hate to lose undignified. 
Meanwhile the DNC is gleefully having 120 year olds vote in Detroit. And liberals are all like, that’s perfectly normal and not at all suspicious HOW DARE YOU FASCIST VOTER SUPPRESSION.
Most of the people who argued with me today, the excuse making and gas lighting was just pathetic. I would respect these people a lot more if they were just honest and said they are cool with voter fraud because it helps their team.
 Save us 4chan, save us!

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