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Friday, January 09, 2004

Dang! Arizona Only Got a "D"

I was hoping for an "F."

Handgun Elimination Control (which is apparently the overall body encompassing the Brady Campaign and the (somewhat less than) Million Moms) has issued its annual report card of how well states are doing in their effort to eradicate gun ownership reduce gun violence. Arizona got a "D." My favorite quotes:
Gun violence in the state could increase because the federal assault weapon ban will expire this year if Congress does not reauthorize it and Arizona has no state law restricting assault weapons or high-capacity ammunition magazines.
Sure it could. Like the assault weapon "ban" has had any effect, even in California where the state restrictions are tighter than the Federal ones.
Since the Brady Campaign began grading state gun laws seven years ago, the number of young people killed by guns nationwide has dropped from an average of 16 per day to eight (based on the most recent available data). During the same period, the Centers for Disease Control reported a 48% reduction in the firearms death rate per 100,000 children and teens.
Implication? We're responsible for the drop. But you note they don't come right out and say it.
In 2001, the most recent year for which data is available, 81 children and teenagers in Arizona died from gunfire, resulting in a youth firearm death rate approximately 48% higher than the national average.
Really? According to the CDC's WISQARS tool, if you include "children and teens" up to the (legally adult) age of 19 (still teens, you understand), they are correct - there were 81 deaths. If you limit the range to 17, however, the number drops to 41. Nearly half that number is legal adults. Further, the number of accidental deaths was FOUR. The number of suicides was nine. The rest were homicides.

If they were actually interested in "gun SAFETY" they'd report on the accidental deaths, don't you think?

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