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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Once Again, Predictions of Gloom and Doom

Don't they ever get tired of being wrong?

According to this morning's Cleveland Morning Journal editorial (bitching about the passage of Ohio's CCW law):
For once, we hope that gun advocates are right. They've been arguing that the result of concealed carry will be a decrease in crime, and that we'll see no increase in mayhem, intentional or accidental. We'll all find out soon enough.


Gun advocates have argued that concealed carry will deter criminals because now the bad guys won't know who is packing a pistol. Sure. Bad guys now know that anyone might be carrying a gun, so you can expect they'll be tempted to shoot first and not take chances.
And this has happened....where? Nowhere in any of the states where CCW has passed previously. There's a marked mental difference between people who rob defenseless people, and people who commit murder in cold blood.

But there was that spike in Florida of attacks against people driving rental cars because they were the only ones who could be counted on not to be armed. That was a real effect of Florida's CCW law.

I don't think Ohio has much of a tourist business, though.
Allowing concealed guns on Ohio's streets is a huge step downward in the quality of life for the people of Ohio.
How, exactly? Please be specific, and use examples from other CCW states.

I'm waiting.

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