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Monday, March 29, 2004

Dept. of Our Collapsing Schools - Teacher's Lounge
I am a teacher . . . And I am tired.

Tired of......
> > politics, frustrated colleagues,
> > semiconscious students,
> > media hype and especially, ......I am tired of
> > parents who expect me to resolve their children's problems.

I simply do not have the answers.
I have tried everything...... I have hugged your child, listened to your child, bought supplies for your child, and reminded your child of the importance of getting an education ..... as well as the importance of caring about life with heart genuineness.

I have read......Theories on how to teach at-risk students. (this includes the entire student population, because "at-risk" is really defined as children growing up without parental supervision).

I have read....... theories on how to teach pregnant students, students on drugs, abused students, high-energy students, shy students, female students and male students.

I have...... attended conferences for ideas on how to teach hands-on activities, higher level thinking skills, cooperative learning groups, technology, standards-based education and numerous other strategies.

I have...... lain awake at night rolling over and over in my head solutions, and lamentations.

I have..... cried tears, trying to find the answers for motivating your child to have success in my classroom and in life.

I am a teacher.
I am not a doctor,
I am not a psychiatrist,
I am not a former drug addict.
I am not God, and.....
I am, emphatically and unequivocally, not your child's parent.

I am a teacher.

I am tired......
> of politicians blaming policy-makers,
> of state government blaming localities,
> of administration blaming central office
> of central office blaming school board
> of school board blaming city council, and........
> everyone blaming teachers.

But I have to tell you..... the students who have success in my classroom are the ones whose parents I have met at every open house and on every parent/teacher conference day. So, please, do not tell me that educators are the solution.

The solution.... the power and the state of your child's welfare lie in your hands. Not in mine, but in the hands of you, the parent. And if you don't want to lose another educator who cares, who sweats, who encourages your child.....then I suggest you get to your child's school and make education matter in your child's life.

Because I am a *teacher*!

Written by a TEACHER in the Jacksonville Florida Public School System
Copied in whole from Indigo Insights, because I wanted to archive it, and I couldn't figure out where the permalinks were.

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