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All politics in this country now is just dress rehearsal for civil war. -- Billy Beck

Thursday, March 11, 2004

What's Next? Licensing and Registration for Bar Glasses?

I'm still seething over the bomb attacks in Spain, but haven't got anything printable to say about it, yet.

I did, however, find this unassociated story:
New pint glasses to cut violence

A new type of pint pot is to be introduced into bars to reduce the number of "glassings".
Council licensing officers in Rossendale, Lancashire, are testing safety glasses which shatter into small pieces on impact.

The glass is similar to the type used for car windscreens.

Under new legislation, it will soon be possible for councils to demand bars where there have been disorder problems to stock the glasses.

Lancashire Police officer Pc Chris Adams said: "There are many events this year, in particular, Euro 2004, that could be the sparking point for violence.

"We want to prevent that violence, but if it does happen, this product will reduce the effects of it."
Let's see: They banned guns and knives, don't allow pepper spray, and now are making bars use glasses that can't hurt anybody.

In association with that story comes this one:
Plastic bottles backed by MPs

Welsh MPs want to call time on glass bottles in bars and pubs.
They have signed a motion in the House of Commons calling for glass bottles to be replaced by safer multi-layered plastic ones.

They are backing research by the University of Wales College of Medicine in Cardiff, which shows that thousands of fight injuries could be prevented if clubs served drink in plastic bottles.

The man behind the study, plastic surgeon Jon Shepherd, said the MPs' support was another step in the campaign to see Cardiff bars with a high-risk of violence selling only plastic bottles, perhaps within two years.
Theres's more, but this is the money quote:
"City centres are littered with glass, particularly bottles, strewn everywhere. Anyone looking for a scrap has a weapon readily available."
Thus spake plastic surgeon Jon Shepherd.

Think about that. He's worried that someone just looking for scrap might come upon a weapon in the form of a broken bottle. A weapon that, apparently in his mind, would immediately turn this person into a fiendish killer, as weapons do to everyone since they give off mind-altering radiation.


England, the soon-to-be NERF nation.

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