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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Dept. of Our Collapsinged Schools, Division of "OMFG!"

Via South Park Pundit comes this exposé of what passes for current "liberal" graduate education. Josh thought it was funny, since he's immersed in it currently, but if you sit back and think about it, it's not funny. At all. Excerpt:
Tina: “Greg, remember what you were telling me yesterday about your grading system? Would you like to share it with our teaching list?”

Greg: “Grades are competitive and competition ruins the cooperative nurturing environment necessary for education, so I ask students what grades they think they should get, and that's what I give them.”

Tina: “Competition is so destructive to effective learning, I'm so very glad you do this, Greg!”

Then everybody jumped in, and the stupidity began.

“Don't they all want As?”

“Yes.” (Nothing else: just this).

“Do you conference with them first, and ask them in conference?”

“No, I ask them in class on the first day.”

“That's such a GREAT idea! That way, you effectively destroy the competition before it begins!”

Here, let me interpret. What that last statement means is, “You effectively destroy any motivation for the students to do anything at all before it begins—provided they have any at all, after god knows how many idiots like Greg they had for their courses.”

“I do something like this. I ask my disadvantaged [read: female and non-white] students what they should get, and give that to them, but I grade my other [read: white male] students on a traditional A-B-C model.”

Ah, I'd better explain the “traditional A-B-C model” to you. You're thinking this is what you are familiar with, but you're wrong. These education school people don’t believe in giving anything lower than a C, except for “bad content” or “lack of critical thinking” (these mean, “content is not PC party line,” by the way—we'll get to that later).

I had a discussion with my parents the other day. My mom, who has gone nearly moonbat Left in her old age, was complaining about how hard it was for kids to get into college these days because of the cost; a college education being damned near a necessity for getting a decent job.

I don't know why that is, really, when college no longer serves to separate the wheat from the chaff, but instead produces huge quantities of fluff like that described. A college degree in a technical field may still have some meaning, but as far as I can tell, not in anything else.

But the majority of Americans seem to believe that a college education is some kind of birthright.

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