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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Now I'm P.O.'d at the L.A. Times

According to Hugh Hewitt, they've dropped the only good thing about the entire damned paper, Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist (and obviously right-leaning) Michael Ramirez.
The best laugh of the day comes via a letter from 24 Democratic Congressman bemoaning the paper's cancellation of Bob Scheer's ravings. Dennis Kucinich posted it at the Huffington Post. Before you think, "Good for the Times for dumping the crazy," ask yourself if there has ever been a columnist for the paper whose column --if cancelled-- would elicit a protest from two dozen conservative members of Congress? There is of course no such columnist, and never has been. In fact, there isn't a single high profile center-right writer identified with the Times in any capacity other than syndicated columnists. But the Times cheerfully indulged Scheer all these years, and then in a vain attempt to cover its quality control firing of the around-the-bend Scheer, tossed the only conservative on Spring Street, cartoonist Michael Ramirez, over board at the same time.
I've posted a number of Ramirez's pieces here in the past. Here are some of his more recent works:

Not only is he scathingly accurate, he's also a damned good artist (unlike, oh, say Ted Rall?)

I am certain that Mr. Ramirez will have no problem finding another paper to work for. This just represents another nail in the coffin of the L.A. Times. Instapundit commented earlier today on the Times and wartime propaganda. Since Ramirez has been almost uniformly supportive of the war and the troops and dismissive of the Democrat naysayers, I'm in Bill Hobbs's court. The L.A. Times understands war propaganda very well. And is on the other side. It just fired Bob Scheer in an effort to keep its bias from being too blatant. (Too little, too late!)

Edited to add this one I just found:

The only thing I'd change is it ought to be Murtha asking the question.

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