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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Good Cause

A Good Cause

This morning's seminar was put on by Crimson Trace. The CT guys have been very supportive of the gunblogger movement. Last year, all of the Para pistols we shot at Blackwater were equipped with Lasergrips. Very cool. Crimson Trace is one of those triumphs of free-market capitalism. A guy with a good idea builds a product in his garage, and turns it - through hard work and sacrifice - into a company with 125 employees and several dozen products doing multi-million dollar sales annually.

And now they spend some of that income giving back.

If you've not heard of it before, let me point you at Honored American Veterans Afield. In association with Smith & Wesson, Leupold, Surefire, Yamaha, Hornady and FMG Publications HAVA is dedicated to "raise awareness and assist disabled veterans with the healing process through active participation in outdoor sports."

The purpose of HAVA:
HAVA was conceived and organized in 2007 by a Committee of shooting sports industry executives to help the healing and re-integration of disabled combat veterans back into normal American life through participation in outdoor events. Seven companies have committed funds and personnel to organize and sponsor initial HAVA sanctioned activities, and will serve on the oversite Committee for a period of three years to insure that the organization is launched in the proper manner.

The HAVA vision is the creation of a small organization of volunteers from the shooting sports industry to facilitate a series of hunting and shooting activities for small groups of disabled veterans wherein personal attention of the sponsors and facility operators contributes to the veteran’s sense of joy and accomplishment, and a permanent awareness that marvelous things are possible despite disabling injuries. These veterans have given their full measure of commitment to the preservation of their country’s values, and deserve America’s contribution to their healing process to whatever degree necessary to accomplish physical, mental and cultural rehabilitation. The shooting sports industry, through the efforts of the Committee and other contributors, can become an inspiration to both the veteran and to a grateful nation whose best instincts are to support the veteran who has served its cause so well.
Travis Noteboom, Crimson Trace's Director of Public Relations is the point man for CT's involvement in HAVA, and is very enthusiastic about it, but he wants to get the message out as far and wide as possible.

I was reminded of Project Valour IT, which was created by Maj. Chuck Zeigenfuss and Soldier's Angels after the Major came back from Iraq the victim of a buried 80mm mortar IED. His intent was to get recovering vets connected to the internet again, and interacting with the world through that means. HAVA's intent is to do the same by reconnecting recovering vets to the outdoor sports world again.

If you know such a vet or their family, please look into HAVA. At this time they have about 150 guided hunts available, and can set up many other types of outings and events. Guns, ammo, guides and coaches are provided by HAVA.

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