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Saturday, November 08, 2003

Aren't Sawed-Off Shotguns Illegal?

Police: Man shoots intruder

Two men armed with guns who burst into a home in the 400 block of Victoria Drive Wednesday and demanded money got a little surprise when one of the people inside the home had better aim, police said.

One of the intruders, identified by police as Rameek Neal, 22, of Lancaster, was hit and is now listed at the hospital as a quadriplegic. Police are still looking for the second man.
Quadriplegic, eh. I bet he now wishes he hadn't done the home invasion.
According to police reports, Neal and another man knocked on the door of the home sometime before 10:30 Wednesday night.

After one of the home’s occupants opened the door, the two men forced their way in, baring guns and demanding money, police said. Reports said the man police have not yet arrested pointed what witnesses said was a sawed-off shotgun at the two people in the living room. Neal, meanwhile, left the living room and went to the home’s master bedroom, police said.
Think he had the NFA paperwork for that scattergun?

Nah. Me either.

What big-ticket item do you think they can confiscate from him?
Inside the bedroom, police said Neal threatened the two occupants who were in bed. According to police, Neal threatened to shoot or beat them with a pistol if they did not give him money.

Police said one of the bedroom’s occupants, Omar Reid, 25, reached out of bed, grabbed a pistol from the dresser and shot Neal as Neal shot at him.
Let's see: A loaded gun kept in a dresser drawer next to the bed. That's unsafe storage, isn't it? Are there any children in the home? Does he have a permit for that firearm? Oh, wait, this is a suburb of Philadelphia, not New York City.
With Neal down on the ground at the foot of the bed, police said Reid left the bedroom and walked into the living room, where he encountered the second man.

Both men fired at each other, police said.

The man Reid fired at fled from the home. Police said Reid was not hit.
He has a sawed-off, they shoot at each other across the distance of a living room (couldn't be more than seven or eight yards, tops) and he misses!
Neal, who was found by police still laying in the bedroom, was flown to Crozer-Chester Medical Center for his injuries.

Police are still looking for the second man, who they say may have a gunshot wound.
And probably has stained underwear.

It would be poetic justice if Mr. Reid hit his second target.
Police said Reid’s actions are being considered self-defense.
I should hope so!

<bradycenter>But these people should have done what the criminals wanted! Then maybe no one would have gotten hurt! There's a poor victim in the hospital who's now a quadriplegic!</bradycenter>


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