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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Yup, He's a Thorougly Dangerous Man!

THIS is why I abhor gun control laws. As the man said: "In one sentence, I believe that gun control creates needless victims."
Pistol-packing Senior Chases Off Mugger, Gets Charged for Unlicensed Gun

Bronx-WABC, November 5, 2003) — A mugger in the Bronx got quite a surprise when the 80-year-old man he attacked in an elevator pulled out a .38 caliber handgun. There was a struggle, a shot was fired, and now the elderly victim is being criminally charged.
But of course. He had the audacity to try and defend himself rather than depend on The State.
Marcus Solis is in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx where he talked with the man.

Lester Campbell says the gun belonged to his mother, and that it was passed onto him when she died. And he said he would carry it with him when he went to cash checks.
Seems reasonable to me. Except in New York, where you have to have government permission to own a gun, and you have to "show need" in order to carry one for self-defense. "Show need" and spend a lot of money and time. Sounds like Mr. Campbell had the time, but not the $329 it costs merely to apply. Doesn't matter anyway, as Mr. Campbell doesn't have a business, and individual citizens (unless you're a celebrity or politically connected) can't get a license to carry.
Campbell had just cashed his Social Security check and gone to the supermarket near his house, when the mugger followed him into the elevator of his building. What the mugger didn't realize was that the octogenarian was packing heat.
Why should he? The City has ensured that the victims of muggers are disarmed. Campbell was a fluke - a man who held his right to defend himself was more important than the written law. There seem to be fewer and fewer people like this.
And after Campbell pulled out his gun, a fierce struggle ensued.

Lester Campbell, Mugging Victim: "He tried to keep the barrel away from him, twisting and turning. And when I was going to pull it, see, I lose some grip. And that's when he started twisting and twisting."

The mugger had knocked Campbell to the ground and ripped his pants while grabbing for his wallet. The retired security guard fired one shot that hit the side of the elevator, and richotted up into the ceiling.

The elevator stopped on the third floor where the suspect ran out, and Campbell cried out for help. The thief made off with $262 in Social Security money. And now Campbell's eye is bloodshot, and his cheek is purple from injuries he received in the assault.
But contrary to the received wisdom of the gun controllers, Mr. Campbell didn't "have his gun taken away" from him. At least not by the mugger. And the mugger might think again before he mugs his next victim. But probably not. After all, Mr. Campbell is an aberration in NYC.
Police however arrested Campbell and charged him with misdemeanor criminal possesion of a weapon. While he admits he knew the gun was unlicensed, Campbell insists he did nothing wrong.
This is where Mr. Campbell gets to learn the difference between "wrong" and "illegal." And it underscores the need for Jury Nullification. Because he's right.
Lester Campbell: "He had no business doing that. I was minding my business. I don't bother nobody."

Ernest McKenzie, Building Resident: "The way I feel, if he didn't have the gun probably something would happen to him, serious. And at the same time, he has to be licensed."
Right. Have you seen the hoops you have to jump through to get a license in NY?
Police confiscated the gun, along with another one in the apartment. So Campbell was cited for two counts of misdemeanor criminal possession of a weapon, and was given a desk appearance ticket. He'll have a court appearance next month.
So, after being robbed by a mugger, he's been robbed (and rendered defensless) by The State, and will probably be further robbed (fined) by the City that denies him the ability to protect himself, and that has no responsibility to protect him.

UPDATE: Dave at Pervasive Light has taken up a collection for Mr. Campbell's defense. And he's gotten an Instalanche through Jeff Soyer's blog, Alphecca. (That's what you get for being on Glenn's blogroll, grumble, grumble, grumble....)

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