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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Well, Looks Like New Jersey Will Be Disarmed Soon

According to, New Jersey passed a "Personalized Handgun" law last year:
After a 90-minute debate, the New Jersey State Assembly passed the Childproof Handgun Bill, which calls for stricter controls on firearms, the Montclair Times reported Nov. 21. (2002)


The bill calls for all guns to be equipped with technology that only permits the weapon to be fired by the owner, once such technology becomes available.
In related news, Jointogether also reports:
Smart-Gun Deal Cut

An agreement between an Australian gunmaker and a U.S. university paves the way for the manufacturing of smart guns, the Associated Press reported Aug. 30.

The agreement between gunmaker Metal Storm Ltd. and the New Jersey Institute of Technology will combine Metal Storm's electronic handgun with the institute's "dynamic grip-recognition" technology to create a firearm that can only be fired by its owner.

"It is a very robust system that can work in all kinds of extreme conditions, left or right hand, whether you are wearing gloves or not, and even whether you are in muddy or wet conditions," said Ian Gillespie, Metal Storm's Australian general manager. "It can also be programmed for multiple users if required."

Donald H. Sebastian, vice president for research and development at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, said the gun would meet standards set under the New Jersey smart-gun laws passed last year.
Well, there you go! No more new handguns in New Jersey! Now, the question is does the law really call for "ALL guns" to be so equipped, or merely all new guns?

And are the police exempt from having to use this incredible technology that will keep them from being shot with their own weapons?

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