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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

They Still Haven't Quite Figured it Out

Ravenwood finds another one.

It seems that the mothers of England have figured out that marching for gun control didn't work. After they got all the gun control they seemed to want, things just didn't get any better:


HUNDREDS of mothers are to march through Leeds to protest at gun crime.

The Mothers Against Violence group is being headed by Pat Regan, whose son Danny, 26, was blasted to death by three bullets.
Er, no. He was shot to death by someone who shot him three times thus ending his life. I thought the "marching against gunmen" part made that clear?
The march is part of a national campaign which aims to rid the streets of violence and gun-related crime.
I thought all that gun control was supposed to do that?
Mum-of-five Pat, 49, of Hyde Park, Leeds, a trainee community development worker, said: "So many lives are lost due to guns and violence. By carrying a gun many young people think they have some sort of standing or will gain respect but I can say that it will eventually result in death or injury.
I thought that young people were supposed to think that carrying a gun was going to get them five years in prison? I thought that the gun ban was supposed to remove access to the guns they carry?

Guess not.
She added: "My son was no angel and became involved in drugs. I would not want anyone to go through what I have been through.

"We want to put a stop to the wave of gun crime and street violence and will demonstrate this by marching through Leeds. We want people to join us."
And this will affect the drug-culture criminals... how, exactly?
Danny was killed on December 12, 2002. He had moved to Merseyside to escape the West Yorkshire underworld but was shot dead in a house in St Helens.
Police have never caught his killer: "Danny knew the dangers he was facing. I was always waiting for a knock at the door.

"He came home in a coffin and his designer gear came home in big brown envelopes."
Pat said she was also keen for any families of people who had committed gun crime to also become involved. The group is also applying for funding and hopes to establish offices in Leeds and a support network.

Crimes involving firearms have doubled in West Yorkshire in five years, from 1,062 to 2,044 for the year 2002/3. In 18 months between 2000 and 2002, 11 people were killed and 24 injured in shootings.
Wow. Gun control has been so effective in West Yorkshire, hasn't it? Licensing, registering, confiscating, heavy sentences. They've managed to take a pretty tiny problem and make a significant one.

I have an idea! Let's do it here! We can take a significant problem and make it an overwhelming one!
West Yorkshire police has received national recognition for its work with drugs and gun crime. The force's Operation Stirrup has led to 425 arrests, 36 guns and £1.6m of drugs seized.
And a doubling of "crimes involving firearms." Dont' forget to "recognize" that. Congratulations!
The march is on August 7 from noon from Potternewton Park, Chapeltown, through Little London and Woodhouse to Hyde Park. Hundreds of mothers from across the UK are expected to attend.
Hundreds. Can they call it the "Hundred Mom March"?

Sorry about the snarkiness, but I'm just in that mood.

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