Liberty is an inherently offensive lifestyle. Living in a free society guarantees that each one of us will see our most cherished principles and beliefs questioned and in some cases mocked. That psychic discomfort is the price we pay for basic civic peace. It's worth it. It's a pragmatic principle. Defend everyone else's rights, because if you don't there is no one to defend yours. -- MaxedOutMama

I don't just want gun rights... I want individual liberty, a culture of self-reliance....I want the whole bloody thing. -- Kim du Toit

The most glaring example of the cognitive dissonance on the left is the concept that human beings are inherently good, yet at the same time cannot be trusted with any kind of weapon, unless the magic fairy dust of government authority gets sprinkled upon them.-- Moshe Ben-David

The cult of the left believes that it is engaged in a great apocalyptic battle with corporations and industrialists for the ownership of the unthinking masses. Its acolytes see themselves as the individuals who have been "liberated" to think for themselves. They make choices. You however are just a member of the unthinking masses. You are not really a person, but only respond to the agendas of your corporate overlords. If you eat too much, it's because corporations make you eat. If you kill, it's because corporations encourage you to buy guns. You are not an individual. You are a social problem. -- Sultan Knish

All politics in this country now is just dress rehearsal for civil war. -- Billy Beck

Monday, June 21, 2004


Kim, oh, Kim. And to think, I once respected your opinion.

Kim du Toit put up his flameworthy list of 25 People, Places Or Things That Are Popular, For No Apparent Reason

Here they are, with my comments:

1. Light beer

I don't drink, so I'll give this one a pass.

2. Chev Camaro

Chevy. It's CHEVY. And I'm a FORD GUY, but I'd still like to have a 1970 SS396.

3. Apocalypse Now

Another pass. What the hell was that about?

4. Tofu

I'm not into it, but my wife, who is Japanese, loves the stuff. Hell, I love grits.

5. Bob Dylan

Here we are in complete agreement, though I do like Lay Lady Lay.

6. DisneyWorld

I grew up in Florida, and went to Disney World the year they opened, and several times after. I went there on my honeymoon. Try being a KID, Kim. It helps.

But I would like to machinegun It's a Small World. And napalm the ruins.

7. Piercing of the private parts

I'm in full agreement on this one. Semi-precious boogers (nose piercings) are bad enough.

8. Candy with coconut in it

Mounds Bars RULE!.

9. Olive Garden restaurants

Salad and breadsticks. They need no other justification.

And have no other justification.

10. the NBA

Male ballet. We agree again.

11. Les Miz (the musical)

Haven't seen it, don't plan to.

12. California

An absolutely beautiful state. Too bad it's occupied by Californians. As someone once said, in the middle of the night the country tilted, and everything loose rolled into California.

13. Unintended Consequences, by John Ross

It's worth the read just for the history lesson in how civil liberties slip away while no one notices.

14. Windows operating systems

I've been using Windows since it came out. Beats Linux for the average user. And commercial software makers write A LOT of stuff for it, which is more than you can say about Apple.

15. the Rolling Stones

They're still going to be on stage when they're using walkers. They were once very good. Now they're just good, but I give 'em points for longevity.

16. Any novel by John Grisham

I've liked almost all of them. What, you were expecting Tolstoy?

17. Margarine

Two words: "Soft Spread."

18. Hawaii

Another beautiful place full of people disconnected from reality.

19. Lettuce

Iceberg. See "Olive Garden" above.

20. Sex In The City

Kim Cattral.

21. Buffalo wings

We're in full agreement here.

22. New Orleans

Never been there, but any place where women flash their breasteses for some cheap-ass plastic beads is OK in my book.

23. Suntanning

I burn like Joan of Arc, so I understand his aversion, but toasty brown is much more appealing than pasty-white.

24. the "music" of AC/DC

Hell's Bells. Back in Black. Highway to Hell. 'Nuff said.

25. Tattoos

Unless you're a sailor, I agree.

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