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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

How the Gun Control Groups Intentionally Mislead Women.

Head's Bunker has a pretty good and heavily crosslinked post up entitled Women, how does it feel being assumed an idiot? It begins:
Anti-gun people think you are stupid, so they target you...
Yes targets. Women are targets of a very successful campaign to lead you down a path to a world view that sounds great on the surface, but terminates in a very dreary dead end. There is a very powerful element in the U.S. that wants you to believe that firearms are bad, and that there is an epidemic of death by guns, especially among children. You may say "of course! everybody knows that!", but is it really so? This same element of society wants to use fear to frighten people into believing that children are at a high risk due to "assault weapons" and machine guns. This element wants you to know that drug dealers and gang members buy 'evil looking guns' because of gun show loopholes and that there are extra-deadly bullets called "cop killers" that are a menace to society. They do all this by playing on your natural emotions and fears, and they are very successful.

But consider if you discovered that you had been lied to. Not a little white lie or a fib here and there, but wholesale, pre-planned deception.
Really good work. But he missed my favorite example of gun-control advocates lying to women, Jean Hanff Korelitz's March 2000 Salon column, What a Few Good Women Can Do. Here's the comment I left over at the Bunker:
"And what about the more than 4,000 children who die in gun-related accidents each year? That's 11 kids a day. And we're not talking about crimes, or intentional shootings. We're talking -- or not talking enough -- about accidents."

Four thousand children who die in gun accidents EACH YEAR!

Note, there's never been a retraction to this that I'm aware of.

Yet the CDC reports that for 1999 there were exactly 158 accidental deaths by firearm for "children" through the age of 17. Ms. Korelitz's "4,000 children a year" was off by a factor of 25.

In 2000 the number fell to 150 (a 5% improvement!) In 2001, 125. In 2002, (last data available) 115. That's a 27% drop over four years. With no new gun laws, and over three million new firearms in private hands added each and every year.

Don't tell me the Left doesn't lie to frighten women. I know better.
That's just the most blatant example I've seen. Go read the whole thing, and the links. Then peruse the comments section where an anonymous (naturally) poster wants argue for gun control.

They're so cute!

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