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Friday, April 08, 2005

Like a Bad Penny, Prof. Saul Cornell Just Keeps Turning Up

This time on the Volokh Conspiracy and David Hardy's new blog Of Arms and the Law. A while back, I did a fisking of a Cornell op-ed, then the good professor responded to that fisking, and I replied. Shortly thereafter, a student at Ohio State sent me a link to a piece he'd written on the Professor for the OSU Sentinel and the Professor's position at the John Glenn Second Amendment Research Center. Then the Geek with a .45 followed up with a little in-depth research into the deep pockets and long tentacles of the Joyce Foundation and their funding for that center, and for other gun control groups.

David Hardy, an Arizona lawyer and supporter of the right to arms, noted on April 3 that Fordham University's Law Review was going to publish
...a symposium issue on the Second Amendment -- strangely, without a single recognizable pro-individual rights author (and almost without recognizable authors at all).
Aha, thought I -- is the Joyce Foundation at it again? Sure enough, a Google quickly turned this up: "The papers and commentaries presented at the conference will be published in the Fordham Law Review in Fall 2004. The conference was funded by a generous grant from The Joyce Foundation."
Prof. Cornell's name came up again in that post in connection to the Joyce Foundation, with reference back to that OSU Sentinel piece I linked to back on the first of March.

The Volokh Conspiracy picked up on David Hardy's piece, and that got the attention of Il Professore who responded there. Money quote:
The Fordham conference was much more inclusive that the law review issue organized by Glenn Reynolds that gave rise to the silly notion of a standard model. The goal of this conference was to present new research, not recycle the same old arguments.
Right. That would be ideas like "the Standard Model" is "revisionist" and "goes well beyond the idea of interpreting the Constitution as a living document that must respond to changing times"?? Now who's being silly?

This kind of exchange is awkward, with someone posting on one blog, but the respondent replying on another. Perhaps, however, Prof. Cornell didn't like my reply to his response here, and has decided to do it the difficult way with intent.

David Hardy's latest piece on the Joyce Foundation funding is up here. Pretty damning, in my opinion.

"Oh what a tangled web they weave..."

But man they've got some deep pockets. And a LOT of bad pennies.

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