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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Perhaps the Momentum Really Has Shifted.

There have been a couple of stories lately on how the reaction to the recent "spree" shootings in Atlanta and Red Lake have resulted in unusual (from a historical perspective) reactions; a call for arming teachers and administrators by the NRA that wasn't immediately and loudly shouted down by all "right-thinking" people, a call for allowing judges and prosecutors to carry concealed in the courtroom, etc. There was a recent editorial protesting that the "humanitarian aid" to Darfur ought to include some guns so that the people being slaughtered could defend themselves. It included this classic line:

" Darfur is one more reminder that gun control is genocide's best friend."


Congress may actually pass the "Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms" act this session. Nebraska may become the next "shall-issue" state. New Mexico is loosening its restrictions on CCW and looking at reciprocity, and its govenor signed the bill at the NRA's Raton shooting facility. After four safe years of "shall-issue" concealed-carry, Michigan is looking at allowing permit holders to carry in churches, hospitals, and schools. Florida has overwhelmingly passed a "no duty to retreat" law. A Wisconsin prosecutor showed remarkable restraint in the case of an Arkansas man who defended himself with a handgun he carried, illegally, in his vehicle. He will not be charged. The op-ed includes this:
It's not legal to carry a concealed weapon here, which many of you know because it's become one of those debates that are rallying cries for partisan groups.

The side that wants Wisconsin to consider adopting a concealed-weapons law - which most in law enforcement oppose - can point to the Goins case as a perfect example of why it's needed.

Because Goins possessed the determination to protect himself - and a convenient handgun under his seat - he gets to return to his family and friends in Arkansas instead of having them make a sad journey to Milwaukee to claim his remains.

The Associated Press (!) published an op-ed on concealed-carry laws that includes this line:

Violence this year - from courthouse shootings in Atlanta and Tyler, Texas, to the school killings at Red Lake, Minn., the most deadly since Columbine - has spurred something far different: that if the victims had weapons, they might not be victims.
Mr. V.O. Goins of Arkansas can attest to that fact.

This is not to say that gun control activists have rolled up their carpets and gone home. Hardly, but it's surprising (at least to me) to see so much support in the media and in the legislatures finally. It appears that the public is finally waking up and getting vocal, and the gun-controllers are getting desperate.

Now Arizona's govenor, Janet Napolitano, has signed legislation that will allow an elective gun safety class for public schools, that includes actual range time and familiarization with .22 rifles!

Will wonders never cease?

Words of wisdom, however: "Don't get cocky!"

And don't let up.

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